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My wife, Becky, and I started on this venture simply by being lovers... of wine. As we increased our knowledge of the process and experienced the wine life through traveling, visits to a multitude of wineries & other 'wine-o destinations'... we have come to discover our deep appreciation and wonderlust for wine and all the experiences involved, both in and out of the glass.

In Italy we learned that wine is more than just a drink, it is a way of life. Winemakers treat their land, vines, grapes and process with a love like that of a husband to his wife or a mother to her children. The care that goes into one bottle of wine to present the drinker with the best possible experience is unmatched by any other industry. From the flavors, the aromas, the depths of character, and the friendships we’ve made- we now understand what those passionate Italians were talking about.

I started experimenting with winemaking in 2010 (...a month after our wedding). After 679 days of paperwork and red tape, my first label was approved ("Black Cab") and ready for sale! Our wines are served at Roscoe's Coffee Bar & Tap Room and Firehouse BBQ, and we are on the brink of having our own building to open a wine bar. The plan is to have a wine bar in Richmond, IN where wine drinkers, both newbies & connoisseurs alike, can enjoy our wines along with wines from all over the world. Keep an attentive ear and watchful eye out for The Cordial Cork!

Because we're still working on our own vineyard, we take grapes grown all over the world and turn them into wine right here in Richmond, Indiana. I enjoy being able to make a wide variety of different wines, designing labels and watching faces light up when it hits their palate.

Looking back at our country’s entrepreneurial boom, I can’t help but feel connected to those who lived the American Dream, and with the blessing of our Lord and Savior, and the support of our friends, family and community, we’ll be living our own soon enough.

THANK YOU to ALL of the believers, our loyal customers and each person who's helped along the way.

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